Advisory Board

Guy Fraker, MBA

Guy Fraker, MBA is Director of Business Trends and Foresight at State Farm Mutual Insurance Company.
Guy’s business experience began with his first startup at age 14. Over the years he has helped launch, or turn around, a total of 15 organizations in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. His passion for bridging market place uncertainty to economic opportunity has been a consistent theme throughout Guy’s career.
As a Director in Business Trends & Foresight, Guy works identifying long term risks and opportunities and supports the development of strategies to contend with those risks. As strategist, he often supports the implementation of innovative solutions. He earned his BA from the University of Wyoming and his MBA in Behavioral Economics from the University of Georgia. In his role, he maintains relationships with a wide variety of organizations and subject matter experts. He has also worked with several governmental agencies, foreign and domestic, on topics ranging from security to pandemic planning to emerging technologies.
He is frequently out speaking on the convergence of global trends and innovation. Guy is a native of Bloomington Illinois. In his leisure time, he enjoys, kayaking, tennis, rock climbing, fly-fishing, wood carving, and playing the banjo. He is also a Singularity University graduate.
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