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Gregory Carrico

Gregory Carrico is a best-selling horror/sci-fi writer and 2013 HFA Author of the Year finalist. He enjoys creating villains that readers will both love and despise.

Greg’s books include Apocalypstick, Tales from the Mist (Anthology), Children of the Plague (Best Amazon rank so far: #1 Science Fiction, #1 Horror! With more than 1 million reads), King of Rats, Sand Episode One: The Shadow of the World, Let’s Scare Cancer to Death (Anthology), and Addictive Paranormal Reads Halloween Box Set (multi-author box set). His stories include Stephen King Book Club, Tabbi’s Petting Zoo, and The Persistence of Memory: A 5th Wave story commissioned by Sony Pictures.

He has been into fiction words as long as he remembers. Greg started with Tolkien and Lewis and after reading Heinlein, there was no way out for him. Soon he was into King and Koontz and from there things went dark. From Elfstones, Shrikes, heroic lepers, he was taken.

One day, he was playing a board game, when he realized he needed more. He needed to be in control of the words. He moved on to role-playing games to satisfy his thirst and became a Dungeon Master. Soon that was not enough, the plots overtaken, killing them all who have missed the clues, all was wasted. And thanks to the readers, he turned his life around, and now he writes for them.

Greg went to Midlands Technical College, where he studied Database Development. He continued his education at Syracuse University. His early work was with Chipco Computer Distributors, where he was “Man of many Hats” for four years.

In 2012, Greg founded a small press publishing company, Gramico Publishing, where he works as a writer, proofreader, and he occasionally formats and converts eBooks and publishes paper books.

He cofounded the company The Author Engine in 2014 which was active for almost a year.

Greg is Wattpad Star Anglophile writer. Lesser of Two Evil Twins. Former employee, Future Edwardian Gentleman. Wannabe Rally Race Champion.

When not creating new worlds and plotting their destruction, he advocates adopting rescue dogs, and draconian penalties for slow drivers in the passing lane.

View his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Wattpad. Visit his homepage, Smashwords profile, and Amazon profile.