Advisory Board

Gordon Irlam

Gordon Irlam is an entrepreneur and is also Founder of the GRI Charitable Foundation.
The GRI Charitable Foundation is engaged in work related to global public health. They focus on the economic aspects of the development of drugs and vaccines for infectious disease and advocacy for global public health.
Gordon’s papers include Floor and Upside Investing in Retirement without Annuities, Retirement Income Research: What Can We Learn from Economics?, The Pig Lady of Panchimalco, Cygnus Implementation of the Java Language: Architecture and Design Manual, Controlling the Internet: Legal and Technical Aspects of the Domain Name System, Evaluating Hardware / Software Tradeoffs, and Software Patents: an Industry at Risk.
His patents include E-mail filtering services and e-mail service enrollment techniques, Value-added electronic messaging services and transparent implementation thereof using intermediate server, Electronic document policy compliance techniques, E-mail filtering services using Internet protocol routing information, Value-added electronic messaging services having web-based user accessible message center, and E-mail policy compliance techniques.
Gordon was previously Software Engineer at Google, Founder at Postini, Product Manager at Cygnus Solutions, and Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems. His specialties include software development, international development, and molecular biology.
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