Advisory Board

Dr. Giovanni Santostasi

Giovanni Santostasi, Ph.D. is Associate Scientist, Neuroscience at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Giovanni is interested in the study of consciousness, intelligence, and memory. He also studies the role of sleep in processing and storing memories. His research areas include computational neuroscience, neural network, and biophysics.
He was previously Assistant Professor of Physics at McNeese State University. He authored Upper and lower limits on the Crab pulsar’s astrophysical parameters set from gravitational wave observations by LIGO: braking index and energy considerations, Test of search methods to extract quasi-periodical signals in noise from gravitational wave detectors, Fully optimal filter for ALLEGRO, and Simulation of a Galactic Population of Gravitational Wave Emitting Pulsars, and coauthored Characterization of 60 Hz environmental electromagnetic noise with a simple antenna.
Giovanni earned his B.S. in Physics at Maharishi University of Management in 1995, his M.S. in Physics at Louisiana State University in 1999, and his Ph.D. in Physics at Louisiana State University in 2001 where his activities included Astrophysics, General Relativity, and LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). His Ph.D. dissertation was Gravitational Radiation Detectability Of Supernova 1987A’s Remnant. Fully Matched Filter for Double Resonant Gravitational Detector.
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