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Dr. Gil Blander

Gil Blander, Ph.D. is the CEO, CSO, Founder, and President at InsideTracker from Segterra. He is the President and Cofounder of ScienceAbroad, the organization of Israeli scientists abroad, and the Host of Longevity by Design Podcast.

Gil is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and for translating his discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. He is an Expert in nutrition, biomarker analytics, athletic performance, biochemistry, and aging research. He holds numerous patents and has published peer-reviewed articles in these areas. Read Dose response of running on blood biomarkers of wellness in generally healthy individuals.

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At InsideTracker, Gil leads a team of experts in biology, computer science, and nutrition and exercise physiology. He founded the company in 2009, alongside top scientists from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts in aging, genetics, and biometrics. Their mission is to help people realize their potential for long, healthy, productive lives by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. Read Dr. Gil Blander Shares Insights from the Aging Research and Drug Discovery Conference and InsideTracker Co-founder Dr. Gil Blander.

InsideTracker’s proprietary algorithm analyzes its users’ biomarker and physio marker data to provide a clear picture of what’s happening inside them. Based on this analysis, InsideTracker offers its users ultra-personalized, science-based recommendations for positive changes to their nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle, along with a plan of action to track their progress toward their goals. Read Changing the personalized nutrition paradigm.

In 2006, Gil Cofounded the ScienceAbroad organization to assist Israeli scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs living in the US and elsewhere to return to Israel and bring their knowledge and skills to enhance R&D in Israel.

Previously, Gil was Associate Director at Intelligent Bio-Systems, where he was developing a next generation DNA sequencing system that can simultaneously increase the speed and reduce the cost of producing sequence data by a factor of 100 to 1,000.

Between 2007 and 2009, he was the Team Lead of R&D at Genstruct. This computational systems biology company delivers high impact, real time, testable biological insights to enable mechanism-based drug discovery and development for top tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Gil is Team Member of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) which aims to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generation, the American Jewish community, and the bond between the peoples of the United States and the State of Israel.

Gil earned his Ph.D. in Biology in 2002 from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Molecular Cell Biology in the Moshe Oren lab. He earned his Master’s Degree of Science in Molecular Cell Biology in 1997 from Weizmann Institute of Science, and his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Biology from Tel Aviv University in 1995.

He did his postdoctoral fellowship at MIT between 2002 and 2006 in the Lenny Guarente lab. Read The Sir2 family of protein deacetylases and SIRT4 inhibits glutamate dehydrogenase and opposes the effects of calorie restriction in pancreatic β cells.

He’s been featured in CNN Money, The New York Times, Forbes, The Financial Times, and The Boston Globe. Read Gil Blander: bringing Israelis home.

He has been an invited Speaker at NutrEvent 2024 and ARDD 2023 – 10th Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting among others.

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Visit his LinkedIn profile, Google Scholar page, and ResearchGate page. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.