Advisory Board

Gary W. Whitehill

Gary W. Whitehill is the founder of Entrepreneur Week and The Relentless Foundation. He is a relentless entrepreneur and driven philanthropist with a footprint on four continents; broad experience spanning entrepreneurship, M&A, business turnarounds, and Fortune 100 board directorships.
In 2009, Gary began leveraging his global rolodex of accomplished leaders and innovators to build the largest network of Entrepreneur Weeks in the world. Currently, the global platform resides in 11 cities and 4 continents, providing knowledge, resources, relationships, and access to capital to early-stage entrepreneurs and business owners. Since its inception, Entrepreneur Week has convened more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, representing more than $8 billion in revenue and continues its expansion into 25 cities and 14 countries. Furthermore, the platform made history in both 2011 and 2012 as the first institution, aside from the President of the United States, to usher delegations of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors to other continents to advise Heads of State, Prime Ministers, and Presidents, which included Chile and Greece.
A visionary in structuring the macro-level dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Gary has published more than 10 articles for industry-leading publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Inc. and Time Magazine, and delivered over 50 presentations to audiences around the World on many topical facets of entrepreneurship. Gary is also an investor in 8 companies spanning multiple verticals, including consumer products, outdoor-advertising, print, and technology.
Philanthropically, Gary is driven by his desire to ensure every continent maintains a global competitiveness within the entrepreneurship space. He seeks to build a framework for teaching every child the tenets of entrepreneurship inside K-12 classrooms by 2030. This mission persists within the establishment of The Relentless Foundation, commenced in 2009. Gary also plans to expand upon this vision by implementing entrepreneurship-based curricula into schools across major cities around the globe within the next two decades.
Driven to promote innovation in large corporations, Gary played an instrumental role in architecting the first Fortune 50 Entrepreneur-in-Residence program at Dell. He also resides as a member of the AOL Small Business Board of Directors, Astia Global Board of Directors, Dell Entrepreneur-in-Residence Advisory Board, and Holcomb Nature Farm Board of Directors. In 2011, Gary represented the United States at the Young G20 Summit in Paris, France, advising Heads of State on innovation in technology and communication. He was recently nominated to represent the United States at the G8 Young Global Leaders Summit in Chicago, Illinois held in May 2012.
Gary was Division I collegiate athlete in both Football and Track & Field at Central Connecticut State University and graduated with a triple degree in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He also graduated Singularity University in 2012.
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