Advisory Board

Dr. G. Frank Lawlis

G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. has spent nearly forty years counseling parents on helping their children live up to their fullest potential. As the chief content adviser for The Dr. Phil Show and the bestselling author of The ADD Answer: How to Help Your Child Now and The IQ Answer: Maximizing Your Child’s Potential, he has aided thousands of parents and their children. He was Dr. Phil’s professor while he was earning his PhD, and Dr. Phil is proud to call Frank his mentor.
Frank is also director of The Angel Foundation Research Institute for Neuroplasticity and received the status of Fellow of the American Psychological Association for his scientific contributions to the field of clinical psychology and behavioral medicine, as well as other awards for his pioneering research in this field. In addition to being the primary contributing psychologist for the Dr. Phil television show, he is editor at large for Dr. Phil McGraw’s newsletter, The Next Level.
Frank has focused upon clinical and research methods of the mind-body relationship since 1968 when he earned his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in medical psychology and rehabilitation. He was awarded the Diplomate (A.B.P.P.) in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology.
Having served on five prestigious medical school faculties in the Departments of Psychiatry, Orthopaedic Surgery, and Rehabilitation Medicine and five graduate psychology faculties, he has blazed new studies and approaches in the care of patients with chronic and acute pain, cancer, and psychosomatic problems. The Medical Schools were New York Medical Center (1967–68), Texas Tech Medical School (1973–75), Universities of Texas Health Center at San Antonio (1975–76) and Dallas (1979–89), and Stanford Medical School (1991–93).
Frank has authored and coauthored more than 100 articles and chapters as well as four textbooks: Imagery and Disease, Bridges of the Bodymind, Transpersonal Medicine, and The Mosby Textbook on Alternative Medicine.
His early work began with the investigation of motivation in vocational environments and has continued in present evaluations of various levels of forms, including management styles, wellness and stress management programming, and selection dimensions for effective placement of human resources. He has also served with international industries for effective policy and programs in vocational management (Japan, Argentina, Germany).
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