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Fernando Botella, M.S.

Fernando Botella, M.S. is the CEO at Think&Action, a company based in Madrid, Spain. They are focused on learning experiences and offering training and development of management professionals. Fernando is Speaker, Writer, Business Trainer, and Management Coach, among others, in Change Management, Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Career Development, Executive Coaching, and Management Consulting. He is also a Writer and Author of eight books.

His research interests are focused on three aspects: the application of emotional intelligence in day-to-day reality, in studying why and how people make everyday decisions, and in everything that has to do with learning, in an exponential way. He is interested in people who live under a restless mind, which he calls UAU!, of surprise, open to the new, and feeling like a learner of everything.

Fernando has been with Think&Action since 2007 where they use innovative methodologies and dynamics taught by diverse experts and teachers in different subjects from communication, leadership, and creative thinking to negotiation and business skills. Among their customers are many Italian public personalities, athletes, and celebrities.

In his latest book, ¿Cómo entrenar la mente?: Y Aprender de forma exponencial (How To Train the Mind And Learn Exponentially), Fernando in a provocative way, leads us to rethink the status quo of the established thought. He guides the reader in what his mind needs to train in how to be a leader today and have a better life. It dives into topics such as generative listening, the power of the question, the nature of imperfection, disruptive thinking, fears, and new leadership.

Fernando coauthored the book The Power of Illusion: A Magic Lesson with Jorge Blass. In the book, they stress how immersed we are in an Attention Economy environment, that the challenge of the XXI century enterprise is to make an impact on the consumer’s mind. They venture into the world of business illusion and business illusionism in their public presentations promoting the book and bringing together surprise, emotions, and incredible experiences.

Fernando has written eight books including ¡Atrévete!: ¿Y si eliges ser feliz?, Basicoterapia, Tu cerebro lo es todo, Cómprame y Vende, and El factor H, Bienvenidos a la Revolución 4.0. He also edited Felices por Narices, a book by the Theodora Foundation.

Fernando regularly writes for magazines in the world of management and human resources in general. He has published articles in the National Press as well, such as El País, La Razón, Expansión, and Cinco Días.

Between 2012 and 2020, Fernando was Guest Professor at Harvard Business School, lecturing as Business Trainer and Consultant.

For 12 years, Fernando was the Director of the Senior Business Management Program at The School of Industrial Organization (EOI). EOI Business School is a public institution from the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism of Spain. It offers Executive Education and Postgraduate Programmes in Business Management and Environmental Sustainability.

Between 2000 and 2007, Fernando was the Director of Marketing and Sales and CEO at Altana Pharma Madrid. This specialty pharmaceutical company develops, manufactures, and markets injectable medications. He was previously the Marketing Director at ASTA Medica, Madrid, from 1988 to 1996.

Fernando earned his Master’s Degree of Science in Biology from Zoology and Animal Biology in 1986. He earned his Doctorate at MIT in 1986.

Fernando is from a small town near Alicante, Spain, and now is living between Madrid and a small town on the coast, El Campello. He is a compulsive reader, in addition to reading more to learn about his interests, he likes to read poetry, psychology, and contemporary novels.

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