Advisory Board

Felix Lanzalaco

Felix Lanzalaco is Chairman at SFNR Foundation (Scottish Foundation for Neurodevelopment Research).
Felix studies neural systems. His main area of research is the CorticoLimbic EMS model for neurodevelopment which is a biophysics approach to brains structure. He is also interested in the integration of neuroscience models to the field of Artificial General intelligence.
He coauthored Magnetic fields of radial glial in neonates: Mechanisms for a cortical dipole structure by VZ calcium waves.
Watch Felix Lanzalaco — (part 1) proposal for Human brain project : FET consortium and Felix Lanzalaco — (part 2) proposal for Human brain project : FET consortium. View his Facebook page. Read his his LinkedIn profile, and his TED profile. Read his blog Dipole Neurology. Follow his Twitter feed.
Felix is currently working to complete his Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience at The Open University.