Advisory Board

Eric Schulke

Eric Schulke is a life extension activist working with a variety of personal and collaborative projects.
Eric authors key life extension philosophy and a variety of papers on transhuman topics. He was a Director, Teams Coordinator and ran Marketing & Outreach at the Immortality Institute, now known as Longecity, for four years, and is currently a Lifetime Member.
Before that he was a full-time volunteer there for one year and an independent indefinite life extension advocate and activist for nine. While at Longecity, he was one of the main drivers in raising and funding over $60,000 for small life extension research projects, was part of the organization of the crowdsourcing of a multi-vitamin, and helped the organization run and accomplish a variety of other things.
Eric authored We Owe Pursuit of Indefinite Life Extension to Our Ancestors, Radical Life Extension and the Spirit at the Core of a Human Rights Movement, Our Surroundings are Seemingly Limitlessly Profound, Indefinite Life Extension: How To Convince Skeptics, Fence-Sitters, and the Uninformed, “Alpha Thinkers” are the Transhuman Wave of the Future, MILE: Guide to the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension, What You Are, Study Gerontology! This Frontier Provides Hope for the Future, and If They Say No — Regarding Indefinite Life Extension.
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