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Eric Hunting

Eric Hunting
Eric Hunting is a technical writer and futurist with particular interest in alternative and sustainable architecture, renewable energy, information technology, marine and space development, and post-industrial technology and culture.
He has written extensively on the subjects of non-toxic and high-tech alternative housing as well as literary computing and next-generation computer design and has worked with a number of IT ventures and developers of modular component home building products.
He is a senior member of the Living Universe Foundation — a space advocacy group — and principal author of the TMP2 Wiki project — an evolving contemporary revision of the marine and space development program The Millennial Project originally devised by Marshall T. Savage.
Eric authored Shelter: Documenting a personal quest for non-toxic housing, Auram 3000, Thinking About The Future, New Technology, What Is Environmental Illness?, What Is Non-Toxic Housing?, Gallery of Housing Concepts, The Myth and Promise of Dirt Cheap Housing, Third World Ingenuity and the Legacy of the Urban Nomads, The Classic Rock Realm of Ferro-Cement, This Web House and the Dream Catcher, Min-A-Max and other Space Frames, Simplicity and Pavilion Architecture, Dream House, Amid the Ruins of the 20th Century, The World to Your Door, and Under the Silver Arches. Read the full list of his publications!