Advisory Board

Dr. Elsa Sotiriadis

Elsa Sotiriadis, Ph.D., MRes is a Synthetic Biologist turned SciFi Author, a Keynote Speaker, and Program Director and Chief Futurist at RebelBio UK.
Elsa, known as the Biofuturist, is a globetrotting technologist with a background in startups and emerging technologies. She has helped build 25 groundbreaking deep tech startups as an early stage Venture Capitalist. She founded a “cancer moonshot” to develop programmable DNA nanostructures as anticancer agents for her Ph.D. Watch Elsa Sotiriadis on Moonshots (RebelBioFuture). Elsa has also published critically acclaimed poetry and writes near future science fiction under the pen name EA Solaris.
RebelBio is the world’s leading early stage accelerator for life sciences. It helps build global startups and takes innovation from the lab bench to market. As Program Director and Chief Futurist, Elsa coaches founders using a hands on approach to turn innovations into products. She is engaged in advocacy, partnership building, and sourcing for high calibre opportunities on behalf of RebelBio. Listen to Elsa talk about RebelBio on the Science: Disrupt podcast.
Elsa previously worked in finance for Bloomberg in Londo. She was also Analyst at, dealing with disruptive innovation technologies in Vienna, with a focus on digital biology, artificial intelligence, and zero carbon smart cities.
Elsa earned a Ph.D. in Synthetic Biology at the Imperial College London. There, she also earned a Master of Research in Synthetic and Systems Biology. She spent a summer term at Harvard University studying Environmental Management. She completed a Mini-MBA at Imperial College Business School and earned a Bachelor of Biotechnology at the University of Strasbourg.
Read The Antimatter of Death: Survival is A Bug, Not A Feature, also available in German. You can read more of her writing on Medium.
View her Bloomberg and LinkedIn profiles. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Contact her on SpeakerHub. Visit her website The Biofuturist.