Advisory Board

Eli Mohamad, MSc

Eli Mohamad, MSc is Project Manager at Sense Consulting.
Eli is responsible for the development and management of projects financed from international development funds (EU, World Bank, etc.) and innovation management. His areas of expertise also include identification and implementation of projects related to commercialization of innovation, as well as the creation and maintenance of business networks with public institutions.
Before joining Sense Consulting, he worked on public and private sector financing projects (Croatia), placement of new technologies on the market (QinetiQ, Plc, UK), research competencies mapping for participation in the Community Programmes (EU), and hospitality management (USA).
Eli graduated from the American College of Management and Technology, Dubrovnik, Croatia and holds a masters degree from the University of Sussex, Management of Technology and Innovation Program. He is an enthusiast for emerging technologies and technology trends in space, energy, and biotechnology.
Read his LinkedIn profile and his TechCast Expert profile.