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Dylan V. Livingston

Dylan V. Livingston is the Founder and President of the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives, the first 501(c)(4) organization focused on political advocacy for the longevity community. He is also the Founder and Advisor at Friends of Longevity PAC, a Political Action Committee with the goal to help elect pro-longevity politicians to further the legislative agenda of the longevity biotechnology industry and community.

A4LI’s mission is to advance legislation and policies that aim to increase healthy human lifespan, focusing on accelerating equitable access to next-generation therapies.

Over the last three years, Dylan has been heavily involved with politics on the Democratic side. Most recently, he was the Regional Organizer for the Biden campaign in Cumberland and Franklin County in Pennsylvania.

Previously, he worked as an Associate at Bowers Consulting Firm for Reform LA Jails, advocating to reduce Los Angeles County jail population during the COVID-19 crisis, resulting in a 5,000 non-violent inmate decrease.

Dylan also had various roles with the DNC, among others, he was the Community Organizer, where he registered hundreds of Democratic voters in key Pennsylvania counties in the 2020 presidential election.

Dylan earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Physics from Haverford College in 2020.

He began his career as an Intern at Livingston Securities in 2016 and at Composite Prototyping Center in 2017. In 2018, before he graduated, he was an Intern at Starbridge Venture Capital, where he researched potential investors for commercial space venture capital funds and cultivated a large network of leaders in space exploration and commercialization.

Dylan has been aware of the crusade to increase human longevity by treating cellular aging since he was a child. His father has been an early-stage investor in disruptive, futuristic technologies over the last three decades, and thus, longevity was a frequently discussed dinner table topic.

Dylan describes himself as a “child of the revolution”, i.e. someone exposed to the concept that controlling aging is attainable in our lifetimes from an early age. Dylan understands that in order to increase the speed and effectiveness of therapies aimed at improving healthy human lifespan, political leaders across America must become strategic partners in the development and growth of the longevity industry.

Dylan was Invited Speaker at the MetaBesity 2021 Conference.

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