Advisory Board

Douglas Miller

Douglas Miller is a New York City native with interests in: health, fitness, wellness, new health paradigms, aging intervention and regenerative technologies, quantified self, crowd-sourcing, new media, e-commerce, big data, artificial intelligence, haptic and sensor technologies, accelerating change and key breakthroughs in science and technology, new product development, and new business creation (other stuff too).
Doug boarded four years at a college preparatory school, the Hun School of Princeton; a throwback to another time, where freshman beanies/new-boy ties were rights-of-passage. Teachers were called “Masters”.
He studied classical ballet through high school, college and beyond; enthusiastically appearing (tribute to David Howard) with a number of regional companies; no overtures from ABT.
Doug graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Business Management. He enjoyed 30-plus years in business; 20 in finance, primarily as a Senior Vice President with Lehman Brothers; 10 in the food business, running his family’s northeastern regional dairy company Queensboro Farm Products.
He “seized the day” during a period from October 2011 through September 2013, taking self-time. He is now having fun re-inventing himself while preparing for launch.
Doug is active with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, where he is on the Advisory Council, and mentoring and being mentored by young entrepreneurs. He feels his involvement has been elevating and transforming.
He is an avid swimmer with a commitment to general fitness (Pilates, biking, and strength training); classical music and ballet enthusiast; and supporter of a variety of cultural and philanthropic organizations including the American Ballet Theatre, New York Philharmonic, ASPCA, Animal Medical Center. He lives on New York’s upper east side with his wife and two cats.
Doug was Part Owner, Executive Manager at Queensboro Farm Products; Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch; Senior Vice President at The Bear Stearns Companies; Senior Vice President at Gruntal & Co.; Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers; Stockbroker at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.; Vice President at Papamarkou & Co.; and Corporate Services Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch.
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