Advisory Board

Dr. Diana Chernoff-Pate

Diana Chernoff-Pate, Ph.D. is a professional internationally networked and consummate motivator. She has initiated and successfully completed projects worldwide. Her leadership in international philanthropic activities and memberships in social and intellectual groups allows for unique access to key organizations and global leaders.
Her associates and colleagues in civic and corporate environments are in the vanguard of today’s changing climate. At this time, the market and professional executives value input and creativity, tailoring incentives to individual needs. Today’s professionals permit more flexibility and movement allowing incentives and creativity to flow. She personally finds this new climate exciting and welcomes opportunities that enrich her skills and creativity.
Diana’s international market exposure includes the following: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, South East Asia, South America, Central America, and Canada.
Her specialties include: negotiations, contracts, endowments within a corporate structure, art and service organizations, and philanthropic activities.
Diana’s honors and awards include: Two Thousand Notable American Women, Who’s Who, International Leaders in Achievement, Most Admired Woman of the Decade, and Who’s Who in Professional and Executive Women.
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