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Denisa Lepădatu

Denisa Lepădatu is a member of the Editorial Board of the Immortalists Magazine, in which she has published articles about AI, longevity, and health. She is a contributor for Diplomacy and Intelligence Magazine published by the Center for Applied Strategies of Bucharest and is the editor of Bohemian Literary Magazine and Galaţi Education Magazine.

Denisa’s main areas of interest include life extension, artificial intelligence, genomics, and transhumanism.

She is the author of 8 literary monographs, including a bilingual German / Romanian one (Povești în pijamale cu fluturi / Geschicten in Pyjamas mit Schmetterlingen), the first one being published at the age of 10.

Since 2012, Denisa has participated in poetic recitals, literary events, and book festivals in Romania, Italy and the Republic of Moldova. For cultural contribution, Denisa was awarded the Galati Municipality prize in 2015, the First prize for The most beautiful poems written by teens in 2017, the First prize at the National Competition for The most beautiful stories of teenagers in 2018, both organized and awarded by UNESCO Teens, the First Prize at the National Contest Ion Creanga – stories in 2020, and the Opera Prima prize in August 2020.

In 2015, at the age of 13, Denisa became a Mensa member, the organization for the most intelligent 2% people in the world. There she was the Electoral Committee member and has been part of numerous activities, including a collective English-Romanian storybook, a literary cenacle, and the ‘Mensa. See & Sea’ international poetry – photography project presented in Nice (France), Budapest (Hungary), and Galati (Romania). She is also a member of the Romanian High IQ Society.

Denisa is often invited for interviews by local and national television and radio programs regarding her literary activity (Express TV, Mensa Romania blog, etc.) and Mensa awareness (Antena 1 TV, etc.). As well, she is regularly invited to literature readings, among others, she attended “Itineraries”, anthology of the LiterArt Residence France-Romania and Romanian Language Day The Garden With Music And Poems

Denisa has a background in mathematics and computer science, yet now is studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology (B.Sc.) at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. There, she is an Executive Board member at the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society and conducts research in psychology on the topic of attentional cueing. Before entering college, she was a Chemistry laboratory assistant in Galati, Romania.

Academically speaking, she is a national Mathematics Olympic participant in the ‘Alice envisions the future’ hackathon organized by Microsoft in December 2019 and the #HackTheVirus hackathon organized by the Mathematics and Informatics department of the University of Bucharest where she won the third prize in April 2020 for the development of an app aimed to help people stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

In February 2020, Denisa took part in the International Conference of Young Scientists, where she received the 3rd prize for her blockchain presentation and speech.

In September 2021, she gave a speech entitled Computing the Human and Humanizing Computers at the Philosophy and Computing Summit, coordinated by Northern Illinois University

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