Advisory Board

Dean P. Kekoolani

Dean P. Kekoolani is Communications Director at Prema Global Technologies.
Dean is a communications professional interested in corporate business development as well as nonfiction media development and production of documentary programming. He is also interested in new media entertainment venues (Machinima, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube). He is proud to be a post-production expert by vocation, trained as an editor. He has honed his sense of practicality and technical precision in planning for successful productions and corporate campaigns. His project planning for corporations and producing for networks reflects his concerns with construction, mechanical functionality, and operational reality that comes naturally from 20 years of experience in editing rooms.
Dean was previously Editor at Pilgrim Films and Television, Editor at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, Executive Producer / EIC / Show Runner at Vantage Point Productions, Executive Producer at Delfos Interactive Media, Editor at The Wolper Organization, Editor at Yarnell Productions, Editor at Chance Films, Editor at Miranda Productions, Editor at Barbour-Langley Productions, Editor at Bunim Murray Productions, Editor at Fox Broadcasting, and Supervising Producer at Media 8 Europe / Paradox Productions.
His television network clients have included Court TV (TruTV), Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, HGTV, History Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, and Tribune Broadcasting.
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