Advisory Board

Professor (David) Paul Wakfer

(David) Paul Wakfer, BASc, MA is Founder and Managing Partner at Live120Plus, Creator & Chief Theoretician at Self-Sovereign Individual Project, and Consultant at MoreLife.
The mission of Live120Plus is to research and make into practical regimens all possible actions needed for a person to live in excellent health and function to greater than the age of 120. Clearly, this is both a gigantic and never complete effort for which they need dedicated and enthusiastic content contributors, a website programmer and also investors to enable these workers some reasonable income until Live120Plus becomes profitable. The organization of the necessary content and its written form, as well as the arrangements with content contributors and investors, is on a private wiki to which parties sincerely interested in taking part will be enabled inspection access. When sufficiently complete to attract clients the wiki content will be transferred to the site.
The Self-Sovereign Individual Project is a critique of all past and current political systems. It engages in presentation of the foundations and operation of a total replacement of the State and all its trappings with a self-ordered cooperatively organized social system without rulers or institutions in which all members have total individual liberty and maximal possible freedom.
Through exchange of value to mutual benefit, MoreLife provides information and coordinates resources to advance the quality and quantity of rational human life. The MoreLife website and Yahoo group are not currently being promoted because the exchange of value towards their creators has been insufficient.
Paul was Forums Creator/Moderator at Life Extension, Founder and Proprietor at Cryospan, Cofounder/Administrator at 21st Century Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Toronto.
Paul earned his BASc (Highest Honors) in Engineering Physics, Electronics option at the University of Toronto in 1959 and his MA in Applied Mathematics at the University of Toronto in 1960.
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