Advisory Board

David Maizenberg, J.D.

David Maizenberg, J.D. is Founder and Principal at Biology Partners.
David has been working with life science intellectual property issues — as a consultant, writer, and marketer — for over 15 years. His clients have included life science patent lawyers, life science startups, individual entrepreneurs, and scientists. He is an attorney, admitted to practice in New York and Connecticut, but has focused on writing, marketing, and business development instead of legal practice. The result is a unique combination of law, creative writing, and technology experience.
He operates on a global and virtual model. His partners are the various scientists, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals in his extended network. He brings them together as necessary for projects, while keeping overhead costs low. This virtual structure allows for competitive consulting and project rates, while delivering a range of services in a responsive and nimble manner.
David’s goal is to help propel companies with product or service offerings that benefit long term human wellness. He is optimistic about life science technology opportunities in the 21st century. He believes in the capacity of science and human ingenuity to improve individual lives.
David earned his BA at the City College of New York in 1992. He earned his J.D. at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University in 1996.
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