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David Klemke

David Klemke is Senior Hardware and Virtualization Engineer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia.
David is an avid enthusiast of many things, most notably space, technology, and finance.
He’s an Australian through and through, living most of his life in a quiet rural area called Wamboin. It is a fantastic place to be able to see the night sky and wonder endlessly about the universe. About 4 years ago he made the move to the big smoke of Canberra where he currently resides. Although his window to the universe might now be a little more light polluted, he stills make the pilgrimage back home once a week to reaffirm his connections there.
Ever since David was a small child he’s been surrounded with technology. His father is a radio engineer and still teaches computer networking at the TAFE (think technical college) in Canberra. As such he would always be tinkering with some of the latest and greatest computer bits, with David firmly stuck to his side gazing on in awe. David still remembers getting his first modem and explaining to all the kids at school what the internet was.
Fast forward 15 years and he has become a computer engineer; one of the last of his kind to graduate from the University of Canberra. It was during his time there that he developed a keen interest in finance, world economics, and business processes. Although only a small part of his university career focused on these aspects it piqued his interest nonetheless, leaving him to wander off in the wonderful world of investments.
It was only recently that David discovered his deep passion for space exploration and aeronautics. He’s now lost countless hours staring off into the sky, watching videos of spacecraft (new and old) and getting his friends interested in the wonderful place that is our universe. He feels incredibly lucky to be alive during a time where the common man will soon have the ability to go into space, and experience the world in a whole new way.
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