Advisory Board

David J. Kelley

David J. Kelley is Principal UX Architect, Microsoft MVP at [wire]stone.
David has been building Targeted Customer eXperience’s for over 18 years specializing in human machine interfaces and experience design. His main focus is on integrating technology into our environment and recently using Windows Phone and Windows 8. For David its not about the technology as much as the emotional connection with users.
Current projects include things from touch walls to various mobile apps and his podcast #TiredAllOver at Career highlights include the Bill Gates keynote at TechEd 08 and the Entertainment Tonight Emmy site, Emmy Awards, Ballmer Keynote, some top 10 apps in the windows phone market place with almost 1+ million downloads as well as his work with Wirestone in the Retail space such as the Microsoft Retail Store and the Nike Touch wall in NYC. Side projects include R&D around human machine interfaces and vision overlays and contributing to various science and transhumanist projects such as the Archive, the Lifeboat Foundation, and the Long Now.
David’s specialties include User eXperience Architect, IA, UX Design Windows8/RT, Windows Phone, all things XAML, WPF, C#, WCF, SQL (and 35 other acronyms), and just about the entire MS dev stack as well as robotics, and lots of other skills and hobbies… but his passion is really about the human machine interface design and its implementation.
His articles include Interview with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) — A Subtle Warning…, Transhumanist Ideas Need to Evolve for Mainstream Popularity — how can this be accomplished?, Engineering Religion — Using Religion to Accomplish Long Term Success and Insure Singularity, and Understanding the Transhumanist Demographic.
David earned his AAS in Computer Programming at MCC/UVSC in 1997. He earned his BA in Technology Management at UOP in 2001.
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