Advisory Board

David Forrest

David Forrest is widely known as a writer, futurist, strategist, and facilitator of systemic change. He developed the Integral Strategy™ methodology for system transformation and founded the Integral Strategy Network in 2014. Integral Strategy has been widely used in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors for business strategy, economic development, community development, community services, and social enterprise; and for collaborative innovation in energy, environment, transportation, education, and health care.
David writes on innovation, transformative change, and emerging trends and futures. He is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, and a number of futures organizations. He is an Advisory Board member at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa.
He began publishing Innovation Watch in 2001 — monitoring news sources, linking to resources on future-facing topics, and identifying emerging trends that will shape the future. The Innovation Watch newsletter, published biweekly over 14 years, attracted readers in more than 40 countries, acquiring a global reputation as a source of insight for business, government, media, and the public. Innovation Watch is now a Flipboard magazine, which can be accessed at News items are shared on Twitter (innovationwatch).
He curates other online resources on change and changemaking, including the website The Adjacent Future, which shares resources on complexity, evolution, and alternative futures. Articles on transformative change are published on his personal website and on Medium.
David is based in Canada, and facilitates and consults internationally. Trained as an ecologist, with a career in organizational strategy, he has a unique perspective on complex systems. He writes and speaks to groups and at conferences on new ways of working to create transformative change. He is often called upon to tackle wicked problems that cross sector boundaries.