Advisory Board

David Evans

David Evans is Chairman at DSEA (Discover Science, Engineering, and Arts) and Business Development — U.K. National Liaison at LiftPort Group.
Engineering is his passion, however he does believe that engineering needs to reach out to, as well as engage with, the public. As a result, he is leading an initiative called STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) which aims to allow the arts to work side by side with both engineering as well as science, this will also be a way to promote all three sectors to the general public. To facilitate STEAM he chairs an association called DSEA (Discover Science, Engineering, and Arts). In his free time he also writes articles about engineering projects that he is involved with.
He originally did not start out his working life as an Engineer but decided to become one whilst serving with the British Army, as a Medic, during a tour of Bosnia Herzegovina, in 2003. The realization that he wanted to become an engineer occurred whilst on guard in Šipovo with his rifle. As a keen astronomer he looked up hoping to see Mars, which at that time was making its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years. The two Mars rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, were beginning their odyssey from Earth towards Mars.
On that clear night, whilst gazing upon the night sky, he saw a bright proud star, which is Mars. After raising his rifle towards the “God of War” and gazing through its scope, for a surrealist moment of clarity, he came to the realization that at that moment what was in his hand was a tool purely designed to kill, whilst at the same time, he was looking towards a place which two wonders of technology were on a voyage to discover the truth. Two contrasting instincts of man, which were both accomplished by engineering as well as human ingenuity.
It was at that point that he wanted to learn, change, and achieve his potential. And so began the slow march toward engineering. It was that experience which is why he involves the general public with STEAM or his engineering projects.
Dave earned his B.Eng in Aircraft Engineering at Perth College (UHI) in 2010. He earned his B.Eng (Hons), Bachelor of Engineering at The Open University in 2013.
After graduating with his B.Eng in Aircraft Engineering, he became involved with a project run by the British Council which worked on a team that designed a low cost, easy to maintain photovoltaic system that would provide electricity to poor people in remote regions of Nepal.
Dave was previously on Outlander at Left Bank Pictures, British Team Manager at ISON Aerospace, Freelance Design Engineer, Graduate Design Engineer at Tokheim UK LTD, Advisor at British Council, and Combat Medical Technician at 225 Field Ambulance(V).
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