Advisory Board

Dr. David E. Reisner

David E. Reisner, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Inframat®, President and CEO of US Nanocorp®, and head of The Nano Group, Inc.
Dave, a 1978 University Honors graduate from Wesleyan University earned his Ph.D. at MIT in 1983 in the field of chemical physics (double resonance laser spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules in the Field and Kinsey groups).
After a postdoctoral fellowship at IBM Research (San Jose), he entered the battery field in 1985 at Electrochimica Corp (Menlo Park, CA) where he directed research in both aqueous and lithium rechargeable batteries. He joined Electro Energy Corp (Danbury, CT) in 1993, where he managed R&D and focused on corporate development. He has over 175 publications, 8 patents, and is editor on the Bionanotechnology section of the 3rd ed. of The BioMedical Engineering Handbook (CRC Press).
In 1996, Dave cofounded both Inframat® and US Nanocorp® as a vehicle to develop nanostructured materials technology for coatings, high surface area media and energy storage and conversion devices. Since founding, Inframat and US Nanocorp have been funded nearly $20 MM in Government Contract R&D. The Companies were recognized in Y2002, Y2003, Y2004, and Y2005 for their fast revenue growth as Deloitte & Touche Connecticut Technology Fast50 Award recipients.
He is head of The Nano Group, Inc. a holding company formed in Y2004, owning both operating companies, as a vehicle for private equity investment. He is Chairman of US Nanocorp’s commercialization spin off, Battery Intelligence Incorporated. He is very active on the Board of the Connecticut Venture Group and is Chairman of the Board of the Connecticut Technology Council. He is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. He was awarded a BEACON Medical Technology Award in 2004 and a NASA NanoTech Briefs Nano50 Award in 2006. He served a 3-year term as a Technology Pioneer for the World Economic Forum from 2004–2006. He served on two panels at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January, 2004.
Dave is editor of Bionanotechnology: Global Prospects and coauthored Stimulated emission spectroscopy: A complete set of vibrational constants for X-tilde1A1 formaldehyde, Determination of state-of-charge and state-of-health of batteries by fuzzy logic methodology, Nickel hydroxide and other nanophase cathode materials for rechargeable batteries, Selective vibrational excitation by stimulated emission pumping, Structural stability of aluminum stabilized alpha nickel hydroxide as a positive electrode material for alkaline secondary batteries, and Evaluation of Plasma-Sprayed, Thin-Film Pyrite Cathodes for Thermal Batteries.
His patents include Asymmetric electrochemical supercapacitor and method of manufacture thereof, Method and system for determining state-of-health of a nickel-metal hydride battery using an intelligent system, Energy storage and conversion devices using thermal sprayed electrodes, Thermal sprayed electrodes, and Method and system for determining state-of-health of a lead-acid defibrillator battery using an intelligent system.
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