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David Bolinsky

David Bolinsky is XVIVO’s Medical Director. XVIVO’s award-winning animation studio creates compelling visual productions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, advertising agencies, educational organizations, museums, and broadcast companies.
After earning his Association of Medical Illustrators-accredited BS in Medical Illustration from Ohio State University in 1974, David accepted a joint faculty appointment as a Medical Illustrator with Michigan State University’s Human and Veterinary Medical Schools.
David completed pre-med and advanced graduate anatomy courses during that time and enrolled in MSU’s College of Human Medicine in 1977. He became Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine in 1981.
An Association of Medical Illustrators member since 1983, David left Yale in 1984 to found Advanced Imaging, a first-of-its-kind digital medical animation company.
In 2001, David cofounded XVIVO LLC where he serves as both a business partner and Medical Director.
A two time speaker at the TED Conference, David is frequently asked to lecture and attend panel discussions domestically and abroad, where he is thrilled to meet and interact with his professional peers and emerging talents with inquisitive minds.
David cofounded China’s annual Scientific Animation (SciAn) Festival, held in Guiyang. His current pet project is a book: Pluripotential: How Stem Cells Will Change Your Life, in collaboration with Daniel Kraft, M.D. (Stanford University). David has been a member of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Advisory Council since 2002.
Watch David Bolinsky animates a cell, Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body, and The Inner Life Of The Cell. Read Lives of a Cell, the 3-D Version. Learn about his speaking engagements. Read his LinkedIn profile, his TED profile, and his blog. Visit his Facebook page.