Advisory Board

David A. Lloyd-Jones

David A. Lloyd-Jones is Owner of Nippon Coin Laundry System K.K. which created the first coin laundries in Japan.
David covered the US space effort during the Gemini Program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, wrote a movie on systems engineering using NASA footage, and is a critical supporter of theirs. In 1967 he was the keynote speaker of the Annual Conference of the National Students Association.
His 1968 multi-media Washington conference “Alternative Futures and Present Choices” gave him one of his fifteen minutes of fame. The title is a theme of the late Bertrand de Jouvenal’s, and pretty much sums up his curriculum for French politicians: it used to be that every French conservative cabinet minister had to walk down the street from the Parliament to his pied a terre for indoctrination before taking office.
David earned his B.A. (Hons) in Accountancy at University of Toronto – University College in 1986.
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