Advisory Board

Dave Blakely, M.S.

Dave Blakely, M.S. leads the Technology Strategy practice at IDEO, which explores the business opportunities created when emerging technologies are linked with customer needs.
As a senior director based in Palo Alto, Dave manages various strategic business relationships and advises executives of technology-focused companies. Much of his advisory work involves helping IDEO clients — from Silicon Valley executives to senior NASA officials — build cultures of innovation and develop products and services to maintain market leadership.
He also conducts innovation workshops, speaks to academic and business groups, and serves on several advisory boards. He is particularly proud to serve on the board of University of California at Berkeley’s College of Engineering, where he assists his alma mater in adjusting its engineering curriculum to the needs of a rapidly changing global economy, and as a faculty adviser at Singularity University, a new academic institution that strives to educate and inspire people how to develop technologies to address broad challenges to humanity.
Dave earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and a master’s in mechanical engineering with a controls specialization from UC-Berkeley. In his free time, he tries to keep up with his two teenage sons.
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