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Daniel G. Faggella, MA

Daniel G. Faggella, MA is Writer, Author at Sentient Potential. He is also Professional College / Martial Arts Speaker at Science of Skill.
Sentient Potential is a website dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to moving beyond human potential. Interviews with experts on topics such as moral philosophy, artificial intelligence, psychology, and biotechnology contribute to a tapestry of conversation around determining and moving towards the most beneficial transition beyond present human potential.
Dan authored Explorations into the Philosophy of Transhumanism — A Lens to the Future Through the Thinkers of the Past, The Unexpected Champion: Training Strategies to Turn the Underdog Fighter into an Unstoppable Fighter, and BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger and Stronger Opponents.
Dan earned his Bachelor’s in Psychology, Kinesiology, and Business at the University of Rhode Island in 2010. He earned his MA in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.
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