Advisory Board

Daniel E. Shaw

Daniel E. Shaw is owner of Rosetta Publishing which provides website and print publishing services.
Dan has been a guest on many different TV and radio shows, has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews, produced and hosted public events, produced TV shows, and has crewed TV shows including Rogue Valley TV and Seattle Community Access TV. He is a volunteer on the film crew at the Seattle Museum of Flight.
He is author of Hot on the Trail of Democracy in America, Finally, a Model of Social Transformation That Actually Explains How & Why a Few Social Movements Succeed While Most Fail, Mapping Like a Fish, Conflict Analysis, Hiring a Filmmaker, Web Business Basics, Periodic Table of Organizations, and Timesickness and Healing Calendars: “Top Ten Ways to Attune to Natural Rhythms”, Geometry of Consciousness & Geometric Maps, and Methods for Research in Linguistic Innovation. Read the full list of his publications! Read his poetry! Watch his videos!
Dan earned his B.S. in Geography with a Communication Minor at Oregon University in 2001.
Listen to him on The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston. Visit his Facebook page, his LinkedIn profile, his Twitter feed, and his blog.