Advisory Board

Cory Critser

Cory Critser is Founder / COO at Conduit Connections.
Conduit Connections is an introductions and referrals company. If there is anyone you want to be in business with or a company you want to work for or do business with, Conduit Connections will find a way to open that door if they do not already have contacts there, 25% of profits go to reputable charities.
Cory is only pursuing connecting with High Value Contacts (HVC) executives at Fortune 500 and other large companies, professional athletes, founders, members of boards, politicians, and philanthropists, those who he knows personally, and also some local talent he has been notified of. He is not a recruiter, but if you or someone you know needs placement, let him know, as he knows many people that are and enjoys placing people in their dream job and giving them life changing opportunities.
He is an amazingly brilliant thinker and problem solver capable of combining multiple concepts so that they not only work together but increase the efficiency of every concept. He is quick-witted and skilled in the speedy assessment of problems, solution planning, and solution implementation. He strives to use his principles to one day expand a national business into a global powerhouse while maintaining the highest standards of customer and employee satisfaction.
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