Advisory Board

Collin McGarry

Collin McGarry is Front-End Web Developer at Mobiquity.
His specialty is front-end development either coding from scratch with HTML5 or using web apps such as Joomla, WordPress, Expression Engine, etc. He considers himself a Web Integrator, meaning that he works with designers and the hardcore back-end developers taking their work and creating magic which the global community will see.
Collin also runs the Warrior Zone community. Here you will learn to live and train in the ways of the warrior. Everything from combat martial arts to physical conditioning to mental and spiritual development. Warriors come from all walks of life. The goal of the community is to give you a place to train and learn to become more than who you are.
Collin earned his Associate of Science (AS) in Computer Science at Broward College in 1987 and his Associate of Science (AS) in Robotics Technology at Valencia Community College in 1990.
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