Advisory Board

Christopher S. Jannette

Christopher S. Jannette is Founder of and Cofounder of United Cybernetics.
Chris is a social networking entrepreneur from Washington D.C. He was the executive organizer and owner of the Extreme Futurist Festival that was held at LA Center Studios on December 21, 2012.
While serving as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force in Tokyo, Japan; he was awarded the humanitarian medal for his participation in the 2011 earthquake contingency operation “Tomodachi”. During that time he volunteered several months working as the Marketing Director for a 503(c) Nonprofit out of Venus, Florida that studied the economics of a post-scarcity civilization.
Though holding a degree in Avionics Systems Technology and several certifications for Electrical Engineering and Organizational Leadership, Chris was awarded honors in the fields of Social Science and International Relations demonstrating his ability to engage in and excel in multiple fields.
His primary goal is to found a company working with companies and consumers in the highly disruptive field of home automation and robotics. That’s right, robots.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read his Crowdfunder profile, and LinkedIn profile.