Advisory Board

Dr. Christian Weidemann

Christian Weidemann, Ph.D. is Researcher in Philosophical-Theological border issues at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.
His areas of interest include:

  • Natural theology, philosophy of religion, theology as a science
  • Philosophical questions of cosmology (in particular: Fine-tuning, multiverse hypotheses)
  • Evolutionary theory (intelligent design?, Genes and memes, evolutionary epistemology)
  • Bayesianism, theories of knowledge and epistemic justification Diachronic personal identity, enhancement, and nanobiotechnology
Christian coedited Richard Swinburne: Christian Philosophy in a Modern World and Size Matters: Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Nanobiotechnology and NanoMedicine, and authored Die Unverzichtbarkeit natürlicher Theologie.
He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2006 at Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster, Germany. In 2007, he was awarded the Karl Alber prize of Philosophy Yearbook for the best philosophical writing skills (or habilitation thesis), awarded for his dissertation, The Indispensability of Natural Theology.
Christian is presenting Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too? at the DARPA/NASA 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium.