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Chrissie Lightfoot, LLM

Chrissie Lightfoot, LLM is Cofounder and CEO of Robot Lawyer LISA and Founder and CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer. Chrissie is an international keynote speaker, consultant, legal futurist, legal and business commentator, and writer.
Robot Lawyer LISA (Legal Intelligence Support Assistant) is the world’s first impartial AI lawyer. As CEO, Chrissie heads the research, development, and deployment of legal AI solutions for businesses and consumers. How Robot Lawyer LISA works. EntrepreneurLawyer is a global consulting business based in the UK specializing in preparing professionals and companies for the future.
Chrissie advises entrepreneurs, lawyers, technologists, and their companies. She specializes in the areas of future legal services, products and provision, smart legal buying, AI and robotics in the legal ecosystem, personal branding, social media, social networking, marketing, business development, and innovation. Along with being quoted in popular publications, she writes articles such as Robot Lawyers — The next legal frontier, and has recently been interviewed in Why women in legaltech should go where no man or woman has been before and blaze a trail — Chrissie Lightfoot, Co-founder, Director, and CEO of Robot Lawyer LISA
Chrissie is author of Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw — How to be successful 2015 to 2045 and The Naked Lawyer RIP to XXX — How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU! She writes many articles in both the legal and business press and is also contributing author of a number of business books. She is a UK national award and prize-winning researcher, a women’s enterprise ambassador, and lauded as one of the world’s top female futurists. Listen to Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Law — Chrissie Lightfoot.
Chrissie earned a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree 1st Class in Leisure and Business Studies in 1996 from Leeds Beckett University. She earned a Masters in Law from Sheffield Law School in 2006 and a Legal Practice Certificate from Nottingham Law School in 2008.
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