Advisory Board

Charles E. Miller

Charles E. Miller is Chief Executive Officer, Constellation Services International (CSI).
Charles became CSI’s 1st employee in September 1998, and since then has lead the development of the company from small startup to major player in the quest to provide on-orbit services. Under his direction, CSI became a subcontractor under NASA’s 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle and Alternate Access to Station (AAS) “Phase 0” Concept Study programs, and then beat out at least seven other bidders to win one of the four NASA prime contracts under the AAS Phase 1 program.
During this time, CSI worked with an established aerospace major hardware system supplier and AAS subcontractors to take CSI’s design from concept through system design and into preliminary design. Charles has not only assembled and led the CSI executive team that achieved these accomplishments, but also has been responsible for raising over $1 million in private investment in CSI’s business.
Prior to CSI, he managed his own management consulting firm that provided services to small businesses and community organizations. His services included general strategic planning; employee recruitment and retention, training, and retention; business management and control procedures; team building; conflict management strategies; and government affairs.
Charles was the founding Chairman and President of ProSpace, where he served from 1996 to 1999. Known also as “The Citizens’ Space Lobby”, ProSpace is one of the most effective space policy groups working on Capitol Hill. Under his leadership, ProSpace was instrumental in the passage of vital space-related legislative initiatives, including the Commercial Space Act of 1998, funding for NASA’s X-33, Future-X and Space Solar Power programs, and the U.S. Air Force RLV Technology Development program.
Charles has also served as Administrator and a director of the National Space Society, Vice President for Development and a director of the Space Frontier Foundation, and Vice-President for the California Space Development Council.
Because of the depth of his knowledge of space policy issues and his numerous contacts in Congress and NASA, the leading firms in the commercial space industry often seek his advice. In addition, he has received several awards for his work in the field, including the “Vision in Action” award from the Space Frontier Foundation, the “Space Pioneer” award from the National Space Society, and the “Exceptional Leadership” award from the California Space Development Council.
Charles studied engineering at the California Institute of Technology and has a BS in Business Administration (Finance) from the California State University of Chico.
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