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Carla M. Parsons

Carla M. Parsons is Founder at Radical Science and Chief Information Officer at United Frontiers Space Settlement Alliance.
Radical Science News is an open source science news and learning platform. It is a multi-platform news bureau that is becoming the heart of the next generation’s information exchange, seamlessly integrating the private citizen’s input with a global outreach. Everything significant related to breaking scientific news and scientific information is cataloged and contextually archived for live streaming or historical retrieval.
Carla’s goals are to propel the human species into space, achieve super longevity in humans, and to accelerate self-learning and learning in STEM. She is focused on bringing science to the world and to all age groups in a new and interesting and yet highly useful way.
Carla earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Biological Sciences at Sul Ross State University in 2012.
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