Carl Martinez


Carl Martinez has more than 20 years of leadership experience building global brands and guiding top-tier clientele. Offering a rare blend of creative and operational strengths, he has achieved exciting company turnarounds and is recognized for his motivational skills as well as his success in growing sales and profits. His strategic approach to building a business is reflected in his ability to motivate people.
Carl is motivated by challenging endeavors — as project coordinator on several ambitious projects, he knows firsthand the challenges associated with going against the grain. He spent 8 years helping grow a World Wide Web hosting company as well as several years as resource coordinator for an offshore city project.
His specialty is working with high net worth investors and he is currently working on a 1.3 billion dollar project on the Las Vegas strip. With a strong background in psychology and counseling, he is able to help clients overcome life challenging issues and is no stranger to finding clouds with silver linings.
Carl’s exceptional track record of business improvement is based on his philosophy of identifying the things which can be changed and accepting the things that can’t. He ultimately believes it’s not so much as what happens in life but about how one chooses to interpret the event. He works to help people reach their potential both as individuals and as groups — the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.
Carl’s educational background is in Psychology & Counseling from the University of Wyoming as well as Biology from Colorado University in Boulder, including a minor in Eastern Philosophy.
Interests include flying, sailing, rock climbing, martial arts, and quantum physics as well as studying the delicate dance between creation and destruction.