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Cadell Last, MSc

Cadell Last, MSc is an evolutionary scientist, freelance science writer, educator, founder of The Advanced Apes, and digital media junkie based in Toronto, Ontario.
His writing and science popularization speciality is in human evolutionary science. He is focused on exploring the intersection between biological, cultural, and technological evolution and communicating how these processes can help us understand the human past, present, and future.
You can find his official blog, The Ratchet, on Svbtle. His writing has also appeared in Scientific American Guest Blog, Humanity+ Magazine, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, American Humanist, and The People Project. He is currently writing his first book, with the working title Frontiers: Science’s Biggest Mysteries.
Cadell is also interested in exploring new digital mediums for science popularization. At the moment he is focused on building an animated educational YouTube channel with PBS Digital Studios (PBSDS), and collaborating with a new digital discussion community: Hubski. The first video was created with the idea of introducing new audiences to ideas and concepts from the world of evolutionary anthropology (check out the first video!). However, the first series with PBSDS will be an exploration of the history of science. And Hubski is a social network dedicated to promoting thoughtful discussion and is currently integrated with The Advanced Apes website.
Cadell earned his B.A. (Honors) in Biological Anthropology and Histroy at McMaster University in 2011. He earned his MSc in Anthropology at the University of Toronto in 2013.
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