Advisory Board

Dr. Brian P. Hanley

Brian P. Hanley, Ph.D. is the founder and chief scientist for Butterfly Sciences and author of Radiation – Exposure and its treatment: A modern handbook, Third Edition.
Brian holds a Microbiology Ph.D. from UC Davis with honors completed in under three years. Brian guest lectured for the MBA program at Santa Clara University for 6 years and has years of operations experience in the USA and Central Asia in startups and early stage companies.
He has publications in epidemiology, biotechnology, economics, and a portfolio of patents in addition to chapters on biodefense and terrorism in DHS/West Point sponsored books. Since founding Butterfly Sciences, Brian has developed gene therapies for HIV treatment and new approaches to flow-cytometry diagnostics.
Brian’s patents and patent applications include Intraplexing method for improving precision of suspended microarray assays Method and device for affinity differential intraplexing, Treatment of Infection Using Single Chain Antibody Gene Therapy, Method and Device for Microparticle Assay Fluorescence Intensity Reference Intraplex, and Methods and Compositions for Gene Therapy and GHRH Therapy.
Read Security in a Goldfish Bowl: the NSABBs Exacerbation of the Bioterrorism Threat and Default Insurance Notes to Implement Venture Banking.
Read his IEEE articles. Read his Reddit AMA. Read his LinkedIn profile and his ResearchGate profile. Visit his Academia page. Follow his Twitter feed.