Advisory Board

Brian M. Wilcox

Brian M. Wilcox is Technical Program Manager at Microsoft. He focuses on Machine Learning, Data Science, and Security. He is self-driven with a passion for creating efficient and elegant solutions to complex problems. He possesses a background in both Computer Science and Economics, and has a history of entrepreneurship.

Brian strives to be in the intersection of where computer science meets economic reasoning, and where thinking big is a cultural value.

He went to McHenry County College in 2008 where he focused on Computer Information Systems and Computer Security. He started his own business Unbeatable Machines in early 2009 while still in college, selling web design and web development services. He has experience promoting and building content, and a track record of creating and managing successful websites for businesses. He kept Unbeatable Machines going for almost 5 years.

All the way through college, he worked over 3 years for a futures and options Introducing Brokerage at Lee Capital Management company, where he worked in Information Technology and was soon promoted to doing financial modeling and market analysis. He isolated trading algorithms that were profitable, optimized them across multiple securities and time frames, then added risk management measures to minimize drawdowns while maintaining profits.

Brian double majored to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics at the University at Buffalo in 2013. There he achieved the Dean’s list, was a supervised teacher for Macro Economic Theory, as well as a Teacher’s Assistant for Money and Banking, and participated in several cybersecurity competitions like the NECCDC and ISTS.

He cofounded an Android & iOS development company named AFK Applications Inc (Away From Keyboard). They still have multiple mobile applications on Amazon and Google Play with over 55 thousand downloads.

Before joining Microsoft, Brian was a Software Engineer at Motorola Solutions for two and a half years, where he also interned. There he created software in an agile environment for Fortune 500 companies, several startups, and the open source community, some of which have tens of thousands of users. He contributed to strategy, research, and product design at multiple startups.

He also cofounded the company RNKR in 2015, a two sided marketplace democratizing financial analysis. Read his article about RNKR on LinkedIn, called Creating new markets for software engineers.

Visit his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Twitter and Github. You can find him on Keybase or visit his web page.