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Professor Brian Koberlein

Brian Koberlein, Ph.D. is an astrophysicist with a background in general relativity and computational astrophysics. He is Senior Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology and is also a Science Writer and Podcaster.

In addition to astrophysics, his passion is communicating science to the general public. Brian has also given a TEDx talk on the subject, appeared on several radio programs, as well as given numerous popular science talks.

Brian has written a great deal of popular science articles on the web, currently gathering over a million views a month. He is a contributor to Forbes, and has written articles for Nautilus, Universe Today, Medium and Orion.

His series of One Universe at a Time, which you can find as a podcast or series of blog posts, is about conveying an understanding of our Universe in a way that is honest and free of hype. Modern astrophysics is complex, and the conclusions we can draw from our findings is often subtle. One Universe at a Time focuses on peer-reviewed evidence to present our best current knowledge. When there is scientific controversy, various views are discussed and when Brian has a particular opinion on a finding it will be stated as such.

Besides Brian working at Rochester Institute of Technology, being a Professor and Self-Employed Science Writer, Podcaster, and Communicator, he is also the Vice President and Science Advisor at Prove Your World which is a children’s television show currently in pre-production. Its goal is to give kids an understanding of science and scientific thinking through online media.

Prior to becoming a professor, Brian was an Assistant Professor and Director of Science, Math, and Technology at Empire State College in Rochester, New York.

Brian earned his Ph.D. (1994) and his M.S. (1991) in Physics from the University of Connecticut. He earned his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Physics from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville in 1990.

Read his story Poor Einstein, Dummy Boy on LinkedIn.

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