Advisory Board

Brian Cartmell

Brian Cartmell is Director at Zevia, CEO of MyPW, Owner of Cartmell Holdings, and CEO of Spam Arrest.
Brian has over 20 years experience in information technology systems, from international telephone billing systems to cutting edge computer security services. In 1997, he took his first step as an entrepreneur by founding eNIC, a domain registry company that was the exclusive manager of the dotCC top-level domain.
Brian and his team built eNIC from the ground up, and in just four years managed to transform a little known domain with zero registrants into a growing Internet presence with over half a million subscribers. During his tenure as eNIC’s CEO, he attended ICANN meetings in Cairo, Tokyo and Singapore, and testified before the United States Senate in regards to ICANN’s Internet Governance policies. The success of eNIC under his leadership led to the company’s thirty-five million dollar acquisition in August of 2001 by Verisign.
Barely missing a beat, he founded Spam Arrest in October of 2001, developing and patenting a novel challenge/response process for stopping unwanted electronic communications. Spam Arrest has blocked billions of unwanted emails for its customers, and is now one of the top 2000 trafficked sites on the Internet (according to
Currently Brian is focusing on the launch of MyPW, a company that promises to revolutionize the way information, systems and services are secured around the world. It uses a patent-pending and platform-independent central authentication service with the goal of bringing strong, easily implemented, and low-cost authentication to the mass market. MyPW is a coordinating member of OATH and sponsoring member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group.
His patents include Method and system for blocking unwanted communications and Advertising technique.