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Professor Benjamin Yaden

Benjamin Yaden, Ph.D. is the VP for Global External Innovation and Partnering Initiatives for Diabetes, Obesity, and Complications therapeutic areas at Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company.

Eli Lilly is a medicine company turning science into healing. It all started nearly 150 years ago with a clear vision from founder Colonel Eli Lilly: “Take what you find here and make it better and better.” Harnessing the power of biotechnology, chemistry, and genetic medicine, they are advancing science to solve some of the world’s most significant health challenges.

Ben’s present role is to identify novel preclinical and clinical assets along with innovative modalities to seed the Lilly Diabetes and Complications portfolio. He works jointly with the therapeutic area R&D and their Corporate Business Development partners to help define and execute strategy for External Innovation. In addition to his primary role, Ben serves on scientific advisory boards and as a board observer in the biotech space.

He is currently focused working on diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, non-alcoholic steatosis, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), and obesity. He is also exploring and identifying investment opportunities in the areas of healthy longevity/aging that can be employed for potential therapeutics. Read GDF8 Contributes to Liver Fibrogenesis and Concomitant Skeletal Muscle Wasting.

Ben has 20 years of drug discovery experience in a multitude of disease areas, from men’s health/urology, skeletal muscle wasting, diabetes, fibrosis to metabolism. He joined Eli Lilly in 2003 where he worked in Research and Development. In 2017, Ben became an Advisor and Senior Director, followed by Senior Advisor and Associate VP in 2021, and finally Vice President in 2023.

He is the Scientific Advisor at Sonothera, a company developing genetic medicines that treat the root cause of human disease.

Ben earned his Ph.D. in Endocrinology and his Master’s Degree of Science in Molecular Endocrinology in 2003, both at Purdue University. He also earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Biology from Purdue.

Ben has a broad background in molecular endocrinology and regeneration, with specific training and expertise in inter-organ communication during pathogenic states. During his time at Lilly, he has either led or co-developed a myriad of targets including enzymes, nuclear hormone receptors, proteins/biotherapeutics, neutralizing antibodies, and peptides.

Ben serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Biology Department at Purdue University (Indianapolis) where he continues to investigate and collaborate with world leaders in hepatology to delineate TGFβ superfamily mechanisms around chronic liver/skeletal muscle injury and fibrosis. Read Gastrointestinal Pharmacology Activins in Liver Health and Disease.

He also serves as a co-primary investigator for Ph.D. and Master’s students. In addition, he co-mentors postdoctoral students at the University of California, San Diego focusing on the role of stress factors in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Read Activin B Promotes Hepatic Fibrogenesis, Modified UCN2 peptide treatment improves skeletal muscle mass and function in mouse models of obesity-induced insulin resistance, and New Study Flips the Script on Liver Cancer.

Ben was invited Speaker at ARDD 2023, ARDD 2024, Seno-Therapeutics Summit 2023, and the Therapeutic Area Partnerships Diabetes Conference.

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