Advisory Board

Benjamin Shapiro, MS

Benjamin Shapiro, MS is President and CEO at Thinking Software, the leading provider of technology analyzing the reliability of applications running by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and President and CEO of ReWheel, Inc. which has invented a revolutionary technology of saving energy within the system of a moving automobile. Such an energy waste badly affects our planet’s health and this problem is addressed by ReWheel, Inc.
Both companies were founded along with his brother, Roman Shapiro.
Ben, a native of St Petersburg, Russia, received his education from the High Naval Cadet Engineering Military Academy (LVMIU), and Electro-Technical University “LETI”, both in St. Petersburg, Russia. In both fields, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering, Benjamin was always driven by a vision and the goal and of protecting energy — intellectual energy within computing processes and kinetic energy within the operation of automobiles.
In the field of computer software, Ben is the author of four US patents and several international patents. He is a founder of the Software Understanding Machine(r) (SUM) technology which will soon have a life of its own with perpetually increasing, never exhausted potential.
His interest in the science of algorithms started during his time of study at the Naval Engineering Academy back in Russia where he published the work “Formula of Algorithm”. That later became the thesis of his Engineering diploma and the foundation of the Software Understanding Machine® technology.
ReWheel, Inc., founded in 2017 along with his brother, Roman Shapiro, is based on the same motto, “wasting energy is wrong”. The company has developed yet an easier method regenerative braking, a way of capturing the kinetic energy of moving automobiles during its braking, now providing a more efficient method of regenerative braking that is also applicable to any automobile, independent of its power source.
At this time ReWheel, Inc. is awarded two US patents while several international patents are pending.
Ben has studied in the field of Mechanical Engineering at St. Petersburg – Pushkin – High Naval Cadet Engineering Military Academy. He earned his MS in Computer Engineering at Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI”.
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