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Antonella Canonico

Antonella Canonico is an Italian researcher and psychologist. She is an expert in mind-body therapy and is cofounder and CEO of iLabs, a multidisciplinary private research institute based in Milan.
Soon after earning her degree in Psychology (Honors) from the University of Lubiana — with a dissertation entitled To Die without Fear. Death in our Culture and Two Proposals to Face it — she specialized in Brief Strategic Therapy. Most of her time is spent in therapy — she’s been working in psycho-oncology for the last fifteen years while conducting new research. She’s one of the few Italian psychologists that has mastered hypnosis, meditation, and PNL.
In 1996 she created a free web service for psychological assistance, probably the first of this kind in Italy. In the meantime she worked to improve the popularity of psychoneurophysiology among her colleagues. Pioneered by Robert Ader, psychoneurophysiology was soon found to be extremely effective in the recovery of subjects with cancer. In 2002 she founded Buddhamam, a 1000 square meter wellness centre near Milan, awarded by Future Concept Lab as one of the best new wellness centres in Europe. She’s been working with Coviello Association since 2003. Coviello Association is a nonprofit institution that helps to improve the lives of people affected by leukaemia.
Together with Gabriele Rossi, her husband, she develops qualitative and quantitative models of cognitive processes. The last iLabs model — that explains away all the variety of human reasoning with just three “sub-minds” — is the result of years spent studying and experiencing cognition and emotion in all their subtleties.
In 2007 she coauthored Semi-Immortality. The indefinite extension of lifespan. This book celebrates thirty years of research, explaining the iLabs vision of science, philosophy, and technology for the future of mankind.
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