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Anke Kamrath, M.S.

The TeraGrid article Supercomputing On Demand: SDSC Supports Event-Driven Science said

SDSC has introduced OnDemand, a new supercomputing resource that will support event-driven science.
“This is the first time that an allocated National Science Foundation (NSF) TeraGrid supercomputing resource will support on-demand users for urgent science applications”, said Anke Kamrath, director of User Services at SDSC. “In opening this new computing paradigm we?e had to develop novel ways of handling this type of allocation as well as scheduling and job handling procedures.”

Anke Kamrath, M.S. is the director of the San Diego Computer Center (SDCS) for user services and development as well as the director of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation’s Cyberinfrastructure Center. Otherwise known as NEESit, this group works to advance the state of earthquake engineering in research and in practice. The NEESit team develops and supports an extensive information technology infrastructure for earthquake scientists and researchers. Anke earned her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. “I was a ‘real engineer’ (actually rocket scientist) for a couple of years before transitioning to the computationally-oriented environment at SDSC.”
Anke coauthored Benchmarking and optimization of scientific codes on the CRAY X-MP, CRAY-2, and SCS-40 vector computers, Tsunami Reconnaissance Data Repository, and Scientific visualization techniques applied to water quality and transport.
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