Advisory Board

Anitha Vadavatha

Anitha Vadavatha is an entrepreneur, global strategist, and an exponential technologies advisor and consultant.
She is a founder of d.Cent Labs with a focus to build a global ecosystem to drive application of decentralized and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help build the new architecture and models. She’s an alumna of Singularity University (SU) and a founding co-ambassador of the SU San Francisco chapter to advocate exponential thinking/technologies to address global grand challenges.
Anitha advises and mentors several startups in AI, blockchain, biotech, and healthcare and is formally affiliated with many incubators including Singularity University Smart City Accelerator, SU Ventures, California Life Sciences Institute, and GSV labs.
Anitha also founded Misu Labs, a boutique idea lab & consulting firm, and currently is an ExO (Exponential Organization) Works consultant. She has over 15 years of Fortune 500 corporate, startup, and management consulting experience in Financial Services, Technology, and Nonprofit industries in the US, India, and emerging markets.
Additionally, she is deeply engaged with various initiatives around science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship; and is frequently invited to contribute at high level gatherings at the UN General Assembly, HOPE Global, REDX, MIT Media Labs Emerging Worlds, and Geeks Without Frontiers.
She is a founding member of Project KC Scholarship, STEM on Stage, and has been part of the core team of REDX to innovate for billions. Her media engagements include co-executive producer and co-producer of the award winning The University and Humanity Needs Dreamers: a visit with Marie Curie along with being a backer and founding member of A Total Disruption and A Great Collaboration. Anitha often speaks on AI, decentralization, smart cities, and exponential technologies.
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