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Andy D. Lee

Andy D. Lee is Cofounder, COO, and CFO at Vincere Biosciences and Cofounding CTO and CFO at NeuroInitiative, the first think tank to be granted the “US patent to simulate biology” to identify a cure for Parkinson’s.

At NeuroInitiative since 2014, Andy has been coinventor of multiple granted and pending patents surrounding the SEED simulation platform. Projects with the University of Oxford and Mayo Clinic funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation pioneered cross-functional scientist engineers to produce next-gen AI tools and techniques for Neuroscience research. NeuroInitiative’s discoveries led to the formation of Vincere Biosciences where global therapeutic development continues. Read A New Tool to Find New Drugs.

At Vincere Biosciences, they are working to slow the progression of aging and age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. They are doing this by seeking to improve mitochondrial quality control, a mechanism that declines with age, through enhancing the removal of damaged mitochondria by modulating mitochondrial quality control mechanisms such as Mitophagy. Watch The Mission Of Vincere Biosciences.

Vincere Biosciences makes small molecules that can increase Mitophagy either by inhibiting USP30 or activating Parkin with the goal to remove damaged mitochondria and return the cells and the whole system back to health. These have the potential to be the first-ever medicines to slow or stop Parkinson’s disease and other age-related diseases. Read USP30 and parkin homeostatically regulate atypical ubiquitin chains on mitochondria.

Read The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Strategy to Advance Therapeutic Development of PINK1 and Parkin.

Andy is leading investor relations and operations with over $6 million raised to build the world’s most advanced therapeutic discovery and development platform targeting the root cause of aging. In the first 3 years, they have generated four small molecule programs each with “pipeline in a pill” economic potential for Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, and more. If successful, this could deliver over $1 trillion of commercial value.

Andy was previously, from 2008 to 2016, Vice President of Engineering at Black Knight Financial Services where he managed over 150 software engineers interfacing with 60% of all US mortgages valued at over $6 trillion. He engineered and implemented Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P Morgan Chase US-wide onto cost-recovery automation.

Andy earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Computer Science in 2000, from the Grand Valley State University.

After graduation, Andy began his career in 2001 as Information Science Manager at the Michigan Supreme Court, where he was the Chairman of the National Council of Appellate Technology Officials and managed all software developers statewide for the Michigan Court of Appeals to engineer a modernized case-management system. In 2008, he moved on to Black Knight Financial Services.

Andy continues to actively code to create new data-driven solutions.

Andy and Spring Behrouz were guest speakers at the Longevity Summit 2022. He was a speaker at the LSX World Congress USA.

Watch What is Mitophagy?, Fighting Parkinson’s And Tackling Other Age-Related Diseases” with Andy Lee of Vincere Biosciences, and Curing Parkinson’s Disease With Vincere Biosciences | Edward Golod | Andy Lee.

Listen to Parkinson’s Disease & Mitochondrial Dysfunction | Andy Lee, COO Vincere Biosciences.

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