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Alexander Taylor Clayton

Alexander Taylor Clayton is an Independent Writer and Poet, and Aspiring Philanthropist/Humanitarian.
Alexander’s goals are to become a philanthropist, humanitarian, and a writer, traveling the world and helping people by writing articles about their lives and sharing them with the world, and possibly even more. He wants to write about the environment, he wants to write about funding for space technology and cybernetics. He wants to be on the front lines with those who wish nothing but for the good in humanity to prevail in these trying times, and he wants to be one of the few to get it all on record. And he wants to help save the world.
He authored One Small Step for Man, One Small Future Colony for Humankind and A Sacrifice to a Hungry God. A Sacrifice to a Demon. He was featured in the January/February 2011 issue of Culture Asylum and in their March/April 2011 issue as well.
Visit his Facebook page #1, his Facebook page #2, and his MySpace page. Read his Elance profile, his Formspring profile, and his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.